Bridal Tips

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Before you decide how to wear your hair for your wedding day, first choose a dress. How ornate or simple the style of your gown is can help determine how to style your hair. Some gowns are very romanitc, others are classic, very modern and simple. Some gowns copy the fashion of a specific time period in history. Is your wedding going to be formal, casual, intimate, or wild on a ski slope? Is it going to be held indoors or outdoors, in cold, hot or humid weather? The answers to these questions will help determine how you will want to wear your hair throughout the wedding.

Ask yourself:

Do I want my hair to be different for my wedding?

Do I want my hair up in a more formal look?

Should I use a tiara, flowers, a simple band, veil or a combination?

How will I feel most comfortable with my appearance?

It is a good idea to speak to your stylist and have a hair trial in advance to make sure that you love the look. Share your veil or any other decoration (flower, tiara, ornate clip, etc.) with your stylist. Hair pieces can be added to shorter hair; braids can be used to create many different looks: romantic, formal, fun. More modern looks might include many wispy pieces gently falling down around the edges. The trick is to make sure the style is in balance with your face, profile and the body. It’s all a matter of balance.

Whatever you and your stylist decide, the process should be enjoyable, not stressful. If you color your hair, make sure your color looks fresh and exciting, giving your complexion a perfect glow! Adding a few highlights around your face will enhance your face shape and eye color. Sometimes a great haircut, fresh color and a simple clip or ornament is all that is needed to look great.